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Filminfo & Termine

USA 2006, Laufzeit: 131 Min., FSK 0
Regie: Bill Condon
Darsteller: Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Hudson, Beyoncé Knowles, Anika Noni Rose, Eddie Murphy, Danny Glover, Keith Robinson, Ralph Louis Harris, Hinton Battle, John Lithgow, Ken Page,Bobby Slayton

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100% glitz and glamour
poodles (46), 19.02.2007

Beyoncé Knowles was gorgeous! Be simply entertained by three (ok, four) funky girls who get styled to the hilt. I loved it. The plot's not hard to figure out (hello, it's not an IQ test!). But it does question what the public wants more: talent or fascination. This was a battle about who had the most of which.

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